Jan. 27th, 2013

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Title: A Mother's Heart
Challenge/Prompt: Trinity
Original Fiction or Fanfiction: The Hobbit
Characters/Pairings: Dís
Rating: G
Warnings: Possibly spoilerish if you haven't read The Hobbit
Disclaimer: Only borrowing Tolkien's wonderful characters. I promise to return them unharmed.
Summary: A mother's heart always knows.
A/N: Dís is the mother of Fíli and Kíli and sister to Thorin.

A Mother's Heart )
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Title: Triad Countdown
Challenge/Prompt: #176 Trinity
Original Fiction or Fanfiction [Name of fandom]: Original
Characters/Pairings: (if applies) "he/him" (a.k.a. he isn't named)
Rating:* anyone :)
Warnings: he is very distressed
Disclaimer: This is all that came to me after a while of trying to figure out what to do with "trinity"
Summary: a young man is being harassed and threatened
Author's Notes: Wasn't so sure what to do with "Trinity", so I just came up with this exactly 100 words long. I didn't think it was very good though, i just wanted to participate :(

He frantically searched through the shelf, sweat pouring from his face. Distress was evident in his twitchy actions. His time was running short, and he didn’t know how to stop it. As the seconds past, his heart rate would speed up until he could feel himself becoming light-headed. What got him to be so scared?

He received an anonymous ring a month ago, threatening and harassing him, telling him of “three signs” he will get describing his “doom”. Two had past, as letters with the numbers “3” and “2” on them. But where was the last?

Then...he grabbed one…


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