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Challenge/Prompt: Prompt #1 Symbol
Original Fiction
Rating:* G
Disclaimer: My universe.
Summary: Sarah hopes, against all hope, that her daughter will return from the war.

Sighing softly Sarah lights a candle. The flame protests a little when she places it in front of the window. There’s a slight draught coming through the cracks in the wood. Making the flame flicker. But it does not go out.
There are tears in Sarah’s eyes when she looks at the forest. Her daughter loved that forest. Just as much as she does.
“Come home safely, my child. Please. Let this flame guide you back home safely.”
It’s but a soft whisper in the night. And she hopes, against all odds, the light will make her wish come true..


Jun. 6th, 2011 04:13 pm
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Title: Vandal
Prompt: Prompt #01 - Symbol
Fandom: Star Ocean 4
Characters: Faize/Lymle
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I only wish I owned Star Ocean 4.
Summary: Lymle's working on a project.

Faize stops dead in the threshold, staring a room that looks like a deranged child armed with a marker was let loose upon it. The child in question is sitting beside his bed, working away.

“Lymle! What is the meaning of this?”

Lymle looks up from her work in typical blasé. “It’s fine, ‘kay?” she says. “You need it.”

“I certainly don’t,” Faize tells her and resists the urge to pick her up and forcibly remove her. “If you want to vandalize the ship, go elsewhere.”

Lymle glares but begrudgingly gets to her feet and trots past him, muttering darkly.
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Title: Logo
Prompt: Symbol (#1)
Fanfiction: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Characters: The Laughing Man
Rating: G
Warnings: Contains major spoilers regarding the Laughing Man Incident and the Laughing Man's identity.
Author's Notes: Meh. I want to redo this one; too much “tell”, not enough “show”.

100-word drabble under the cut )
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Title: Misinterpretation
Challenge/Prompt: symbol
Original Fiction or Fanfiction: Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
Characters: Necromancer, Amazon, desert mercenary guy
Rating: 13+ for a dead guy and black magic.
Warnings: none.
Disclaimer: Setting and 'verse belong to Blizzard, and I am an old-school sadfan.
Summary: People always assume the worst when you mess around with corpses.
Author's Notes: Yet another attempt to get my omg!epic fanfic going by snapping at random drabble challenges as they flutter past.

* * * * *

The necromancer froze, the blade at his throat flashing a distorted reflection.

“What's it do?” rasped a weary voice, close behind his ear.

The glyph scratched into the cracked flesh of the dead man's hand was powerless, unfinished. “It'll protect him -- ”

“So you can use him later?”

Yesterday, that question had sent him into a rage; now, he felt only bitter resignation. “I wouldn't...”

“He wouldn't.” The creak of a bowstring echoed off the cliffs. “Stand down.”

The blade withdrew, and made a dull sound as it was dropped to the sand behind him.
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Title: Leave the Key
Challenge/Prompt: Symbol
Original Fiction or Fanfiction: Original Fiction
Characters: Cynthia, Jonathan
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: All mine.
Summary: Her family hadn't been hateful, simply distant and devoid of love.
Author's Notes: Having written nothing but lengthy essays and epic hero stories for the past few weeks, 100 words was a bit of a shock.

“That’s the last one,” she muttered, depositing the heavy, cardboard box in the hallway.

With some degree of longing, she surveyed her room, barren, save for the furniture –bed, desk, bookshelves- of her childhood.

It was furniture she intended to leave behind, with everything personal already neatly packed in boxes and luggage bags. She wanted a bright future and happy memories, something this house could never provide. Her family hadn't been hateful, simply distant and devoid of love.

“Cyn! You ready?” Jonathan hollered from downstairs.


Smiling wistfully, she exited the room, leaving her house key on the white dresser.
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Title: Branded
Challenge/Prompt: Symbol
Fanfiction: Potterverse.
Own character.
Rating: G
Warnings: ~~
Disclaimer: The Potterverse belongs to JKR. Napier is mine.
Summary: “In the light of the feral situation, Emergency Ministry Statute Number 147 to be enacted: all Registered werewolves to be taken up and branded. Any werewolf found not so branded will be assumed feral and put down.”
Author's Notes: Set during ‘Deathly Hallows’.

He’d known they were outside his sanctuary. The scent of flesh biteriptear so close drove him mad, chained to the wall. Gasping back his right mind post-transformation they don’t give him chance to get his wand but it takes both of them to subdue him.

“By order of Senior Under Secretary Umbridge—”

Red faces, panting garlic breath.

Impotent under the Full Body Bind, he glares defiance at death.

“Werewolf, registered, number eighty-one, to be branded this day.”

A wand tip presses to his scratched forearm, presses hard and doesn’t relent until the tattoo burns black; a wolf’s head, howling.


Title: Family Mark
Challenge/Prompt: Symbol
Fanfiction: Harry Potter
Own character.
Rating: G
Warnings: ~~
Disclaimer: The Potterverse belongs to JKR. Marcus is mine.
Summary: The shipwright puts the finishing touches to the Cutter's carved garboard.
Author's Notes: Marcus is Jèrriais (born and lives on the Channel Island of Jersey) and speaks Jersey Norman French, hence some not-quite-French-looking spellings.

Guided by skilled fingers, the gouge bites into the seasoned wood. With each nibble, each a little deeper than the last, the flat pencil lines take on dimensional form. Memories come unbidden as he works; P’pèe’s hands guiding this same gouge, shaping each delicate curve, undercutting just enough to create a semblance of reality in this identifying mark. Twelve generations of his family have used this flower to mark possessions or identify their work since Estin D’Caën quit Nouormandy in his drakkar to settle new lands. Last of his bloodline, Marcus blows away the swarf and smiles. Another perfect anemone.
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Title: To Say Never
Challenge/Prompt: Symbol
Original Fiction
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: my story
Summary: She's the only person he can't just tell a joke to.

Most of my friends were older than me, so they knew already. Or they were very young, like my nephew, and only wanted a tale before bed.

Hippothoe asked because nobody had explained it well enough. My brave sister, proud of me, but jealous too, wanted to know what it was like to fight in a war.

Poets use metaphors to say what can’t be said, and they don’t ever lose their words.  (But to say “never” is to make a thing happen.)  I stood before her, tongue-tied like a child, trying to tell her something more than a story.
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Title: A Ring Is Round (It Has No End)
Challenge/Prompt: Symbol
Original Fiction (Beautiful Wasteland)
Characters/Pairings: Elisa/Joshua/Star
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: it's all mine!
Summary: Star and the meaning of another kind of ring.
Author's Notes: I forgot how tricky it is to make a coherent piece out of 100 words. And, ah, I went for a fanfic piece originally but then chickened out when it came to posting it. Refuge in original works! Or something...

The emerald was for Elisa, the red jasper for Joshua, and the sapphire for me. E-J-S. Elisa Joshua Star. It sat snugly on my finger like it had always belonged there.

When I was little, I had wanted fluffy white wedding dresses and six-layer cakes, something old new borrowed blue, bridal waltzes, a slow walk down an aisle, my father giving me away, and a sparkling diamond on a ring of gold. In the end, I got none of it.

And yet, staring down at the bejewelled band of silver, I couldn't imagine wanting anything else in all the world.
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Title: Ancient Geometry
Challenge/Prompt: Symbol
Original fic
Rating: G
Warnings: ~~
Disclaimer: Mine own.
Author's Notes: I had a go at something original as I was too chicken to post the fanfic ones I'd written to this prompt.

When she finds the sacred well, this curious visitor, she isn’t alone. A man of indeterminate age is seated by the rim, limbs folded into the classical lotus position, eyes closed.

She wonders whether his meditation has achieved the proper state of no-mind or if he’s attuning himself to cosmic vibrations.

The wooden well cover is raised. Peering down, the cold glitter of water is deeper than she’d imagined. There are ferns growing between the lining stones, reaching up to the light. Surprising.

Her eyes trace the two decorated interlocking circles that form a design claimed as ancient. She wonders.


May. 10th, 2009 04:27 pm
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Title: Relic
Challenge/Prompt: Symbol
Original Fiction
Rating: G
Warnings: None

The sword had lost its lustrous shine years ago. Just how long ago was almost impossible to discern. Like its wielder, the blade looked as though it was as old as time itself: A relic of a forgotten age, when things were different, and honor meant something.

Yet, the stranger exuded confidence as he walked down the street, as if he knew that everyone watching had a healthy dose of respect for the fact that his weapon was not just a decoration. Even the thugs steered clear of him. In this neighborhood, that's not only unheard of, it's a miracle.


May. 9th, 2009 09:06 pm
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Title: Irrational
Challenge/Prompt: Symbol
Original Fiction or Fanfiction: Original Fiction
Characters/Pairings: Amelia & Justin... and some shadows.
Rating: G
Warnings: Nada.
Disclaimer: My stuff.
Summary: Amelia is saved by an irrational.

Author's Notes: I'm using these prompts as an exercise for an original piece I'm working on. This event happens further on in the timeline.

A dull thud, then a sliding sound. Amelia's body crumpled to the ground. She was in pain: horrible, agonizing pain. Above her were shadows with different colored hair. Blond. Rust red. Glossy black.

Five in all. All were silhouettes of women.

“Let me go. Now.” Amelia's voice was weak. Be brave and show no fear, she thought.

“We told you to stay away,” one of the shadows said. Amelia wasn't sure which one. “We told you--”

Screams and then a blur. Amelia saw pi swinging on a gold chain just then.

“You Numbers stay back!”

A young man appeared. Him.


May. 9th, 2009 10:44 am
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Title: The Slave
Challenge/Prompt: Symbol
Original Fiction or Fanfiction: Original Fiction
Characters/Pairings: Jacob
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: My own work.
Summary: The pattern tells the tale.

Author's Notes: I took the word literally in this case but there's also a subtle meaning with the chain. 100 words is a lot tougher than I expected!

“Can you read it?” the man’s long fingers traced the pattern on the hard ground. Jacob knew the mark. As a young boy, he had watched his best friend branded with the same mark on the back of his hand. He could still smell the taint of burned flesh on the air and hear Aaron’s strangled cry.

He shook his head. The man studied him for a moment longer than he liked. With a grunt Jacob took for assent, the man rose and continued west, the long chain tied to his neck urged him forwards, a reminder of his slavery.


May. 8th, 2009 07:30 am
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Title: Weathered
Challenge/Prompt: “Symbol”
Original Fiction
Rating: G
Disclaimer: The words belong to us all, the crafting is mine.
Years have passed and it no longer shines as it did when she first saw it.
Author's Notes: When I saw this prompt I immediately thought of my grandmother. She used to talk about her marriage, the hardships of the early years, the trials and joys of raising a family and the difficulties of illness later in life, but throughout it all, one thing remained constant; her love and devotion for and to my grandfather and the look of reverence and the soft smile she wore whenever she touched her wedding band. This is for her.

Thank you for the wonderful prompt idea.



Years have passed and it no longer shines as it did when she first saw it. She smiles softly in remembrance, caressing the band that has weathered the storms of her life. It is cold to the touch but not the mind or heart. It still makes her smile whenever she sees it, touches it.

Remembers him.

It may now have small scratches, somewhat of a worn surface with a web of tiny imperfections, but the metal is strong, round and continuous and signifies the same love and devotion as it did the day he placed it on her finger.

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Welcome, everyone!

It's time for the first prompt in the Fiction Drabbles community. I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of creative people we have here!

This week's prompt is... #1: Symbol.

What does the word "symbol" bring to mind?

Take us to the place your thoughts go to first, or if you'd rather, mull it over a bit until you've got the perfect scenario in mind. If you'd like to read over the definition of the word "symbol", click here for Merriam-Webster's official write up.

Whatever deep meaning you discern, remember to keep it to 100 words!

Please follow the posting format in the official [community profile] fiction_drabbles profile, and show us what you can do!

(*Note, do not reply to this post with your drabbles, be sure to make a new post for each one.)


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