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It's not stated in the rules that every prompt has to be posted in order, but I wasn't sure if it's kosher to do so. If it isn't, please let me know.

Title: Falling Into Fire
Prompt: Fall (#3)
Fanfiction: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Characters: Batou
Rating: PG
Warnings: Contains no spoilers, but it might not make sense if you haven't seen the "Umibozu" episodes.
Summary: Run, Batou, run!
Author's Notes: Action scenes should be quick, clear, and clutter-free. No idea if this is, but I like it anyway.
100-word drabble under the cut )
Title: Colors
Prompt: Blue (#5)
Original: Character Sketches
Rating: PG
Summary: Let's talk colors.
Author's Notes: I don't normally write romance. It shows.
100-word drabble under the cut )


Jun. 11th, 2009 08:09 pm
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Title: Enough
Challenge/Prompt: Prompt #5: “Blue”
Original Fiction or Fanfiction Original Fiction
Characters/Pairings: Wallace, Blue       
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: The words belong to us all but the crafting is mine.
Summary: It was enough.
Author's Notes: I know I'm late with this but I only just had time to come round and post it. This was just a random scene that played in my head the other day.


"Blue? C'mere, boy," Wallace called up to the open loft where the Whippet lay slumbering.

The old hound’s ear twitched but he didn’t budge. The old man smiled.

“Quit pretendin’, you. My toes are cold.”

In a flash, the dog bounded down the stairs and skidded to a halt beside his master’s slipper-clad feet. Gently, he lowered his belly over the man’s outstretched limbs and rested his head on his paws. Blue closed his eyes again and nodded off.

Wallace smiled fondly at his loyal companion. Perhaps the circumstances weren’t ideal but, with Blue by his side, it was enough.


Jun. 10th, 2009 03:00 pm
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Title: Trouble
Challenge/Prompt: #5, Blue
Original Fiction

The kid leaned an elbow on the bar, his hips swiveled toward Dev, and Dev found himself grinning despite his mood. "I'm Jack," the kid said. "Buy me a drink?"

Jack, if that was even his name, was nineteen, maybe twenty, and this was one of Dev's favorite watering holes. "Maybe," Dev raised an eyebrow. "You got ID?"

Jack licked his lips and batted his big blue eyes, pressed his hips closer. Dev could feel the heat pouring off him, see the smooth skin in the open V of his shirt. This kid was trouble, and Dev already wanted more.

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Title: Almost to Knighthood
Challenge/Prompt: #5, "blue"
Fanfiction: Naruto, Star Wars
Characters/Pairings: Uchiha Madara/Bastila Shan
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Disclaimer: I take the characters other people own and make them play together. They’re not mine.
Summary: It’s time for the first three of Madara and Bastila’s children to make their lightsabers.
Author's Notes: N/A

Bastila’s gaze hit all three of her oldest children, thinking that today they looked more somber than usual. Katsuo and Tatsu sat with identical expressions on their dark-haired, dark-eyed faces. Amaya, at the other workbench, regarded her with gray eyes.

“A Jedi’s weapon is the lightsaber,” she said, holding up her own. Beams of golden light shot out from either end when she activated it. “Arrayed here are various parts you may find useful.”

She thought to predict the colors of their finished blades, but deep in her heart, she knew that all of them would be a brilliant blue.
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Title: "Into the Black"
Challenge/Prompt: #5, "blue"
Fanfiction [Battlestar Galactica (2003)]
Characters/Pairings: Kara Thrace
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Does not belong to me.
Summary: Kara remembers her mother's lessons.
Author's Notes: Don't write much for BSG, but here it is.

One of the first lessons Kara's mother had taught her was that the sky wasn't blue. She had hauled Kara to the window, pointed at the clouds. "The sky ain't blue, girl. Out there, space is dark and silent. It ain't pretty, no clouds that make shapes, no rain. It's nothing, just a black hole."

Kara forgets it, the way she does with most memories of her mother, until she sees Lee with his forehead pressed to Dee's across the bar. His wife, Kara reminds herself savagely, turning back to Sam and their shot glasses. The sky is not blue.
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Title: Summer Days
Challenge/Prompt: #5, Blue
Original Fiction or Fanfiction [Name of fandom]: original
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: all mine
Summary: Memories of long ago.
Author's Notes:

= = = = = = = = = =


The sea, the sky, your eyes, my heart.

I sit in the soft waving grass of the meadow and I remember the laughter. I remember the sunny days when we were carefree children, laughing at the dragon flies as they skittered to and fro, their wings buzzing like so many bumblebees.

We waded in the brook and then dried our knickers in the heat of the sun as we searched the sky for cloud pictures.

Look, an elephant! No, you'd say, it's a hippopotamus! We would laugh and laugh, you and I.

I miss those days.

I miss you.


The Sea

Jun. 5th, 2009 03:18 pm
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Title: The Sea
Challenge/Prompt: #5 Blue
Characters/Pairings: Sora from KH
Rating: PG
Warnings: One curse word.
Disclaimer: I do not own KH 2 or make any money off of this drabble.
Summary: All he could see was endless blue.
Author's Notes: Hope you enjoy this as much as I liked writing it.




That’s all he can see, endless blue water of the sea he missed so much during his traveling of the worlds, having epic adventures, and saving the universe from certain peril.


Now he was back home, back home with his best friend and kind-of-maybe-girlfriend safely at his side.


Back to his never ending blue.


No more danger.


No more evil to vanquish.


No more adventure.


Just the peaceful blue of the sea.


Damn he was bored!


Sora turned away from the beach, plotting to cause some chaos.


He wondered how attached Riku was to that new shirt of his?



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Title: Drift
Challenge/Prompt: #5, Blue
Original Fiction or Fanfiction: Original fic
Characters/Pairings: just a coupla folks
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Crit welcome. Be as harsh as ye like.

The water is still as glass, stretching on forever. The sun beats down on the back of my neck; I swallow a grumble. I don't hear you complaining, and I have my pride. I tie off the last knot, my eyes stinging with salt water. Must've caught a splash. I stare at the empty sky, blinking hard. I work up some spit just to swallow it.

"I'm burning to a crisp, and you're going for a swim. Call that responsible?"

I watch your blue-tinged lips, but no response comes. I swallow again, clutching canvas, then give you to the sea.
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Title: She's Into Scarfing
Author: [personal profile] rontgenkatze
Original Fiction
Rating: Strong R
Prompt # 5 Blue
Author's Notes: Sexual fetish play.

She's Into Scarfing )
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Title: Bitter
Challenge/Prompt: #5 Blue
Fanfiction: Pokemon
Characters/Pairings: Volkner, Flint→Volkner
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: So not mine.
Summary: Flint should have seen this coming.
Author's Notes: Hahahaha. Ha. |: Don't judge me, world.

"I, what- Volkner?"

Volkner doesn't have the decency to look guilty, standing in front of Flint's fuse-box with Flint's wiring in his hands. "I wanted to thank you, for Platinum."

"Don't bother!" Flint hisses, tearing the wires from Volkner's hands and feeling more than completely uncomfortable with the light in Volkner's eyes.

Volkner stares longingly at the wires. Flint hides them behind him, says, "If you wanna thank me, let's battle, that kid's going after us next."

Volkner smiles widely, and Flint tries not to feel bitter that it wasn't him that lit that fire behind Volkner's endless blue eyes.
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Title: The Blue Necklace
Challenge/Prompt: #5 Blue
Original Fiction or Fanfiction [Name of fandom]: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters/Pairings: Zuko
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I do not own the Avatar sandbox. I am just in the sandbox to play with the toys.
Summary: Aboard the prison ship, Zuko finds Katara's betrothal necklace on the ground.
Author's Notes: Forgive me if this makes little sense. I haven't had much sleep at all yesterday (three hours tops). This came from an episode dealing with Katara losing her necklace aboard a prison ship and Zuko finding it.

The moment Zuko planted his booted feet upon the steel flooring of the prison he knew he had missed the young Avatar and the two water peasants by mere moments. He could see by the destruction and lack of prisoners – as well as guards – that they had been successful in retrieving whatever they had come for.

His golden eyes lifted and swept across the debris only to catch sight of something blue glistening off the fading sun light. He moved quickly and retrieved it from the ground, noting that it had been the necklace belonging to the female Waterbender.

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Title: Black & Blue
Fandom: N/A
Pairing/Characters: "He" & "She"
Rating/Category: PG?
Word Count: 100
Prompt: #5
Spoilers: I don't know what this means.
Notes/Warnings: 100 words I am spectacularly bad at this! How am I supposed to ramble on and on when I'm so limit--OHhhh! :)

If there was ever any proof that it takes two to argue, he has well and truly squashed it, several times over.

“It is not 12:30,” he spits at her, “It’s 12:27.”

“You’re right,” she complies.

“Why would you say it’s 12:30 when it’s 12:27? Don’t you see? Things like this are why I can’t trust you! Should I even bother asking you what color the sky is?

The barrage of questions ends, his speech halts. He is expectant.

She avoids the obvious answer, tracing her finger along the deep purples and blues of her wrist. Further evidence of his love.
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Title: Blue Musing
Fandom: The Adept Series, Piers Anthony
Pairing/Characters: The Blue Adept
Rating/Category: PG / Gen
Word Count: 100
Prompt: #5 'Blue'
Spoilers: First trilogy
Notes/Warnings: written for fiction_drabbles

Blue Musing )


Jun. 4th, 2009 05:30 pm
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Title: Hanging
Challenge/Prompt: Blue
Original Fiction
Characters: Nayeli, Phoenix
Rating: PG-13 for lots of reasons.
Warnings: Execution, hanged by the neck until dead.
Author's notes: I really, really don't know what made me come up with this, and within my personal collection of stuff it'll prolly get expanded on slightly. In any case, I put it behind an LJ-cut because some people may not really want to read it. Crit welcome.

Nayeli murmurs a prayer, praying simply to see the sky. )
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Welcome back!

If you're visiting us for the first time, we're glad to have you. Feel free to jump in and have a go at our fifth prompt. This week's prompt is special, having been suggested by a community member. ^_^

This week's prompt is... #5: Blue.

A strange man once asked: "What's that blue thing doing here?" This week, it's your turn to tell us what the blue thing is, and indeed: What is it doing here? Blue is, of course, a color, but it also represents depression: a melancholy mood that just won't go away. Additionally, blue is responsible for defining a musical style, the "blues", which has influenced millions across the globe. There's even a few phrases inspired by the color, such as: "turning blue in the face", and "once in a blue moon".

If you'd like to read over the definition of the word "blue", click here for Merriam-Webster's official write up.

No matter how blue your drabble may be, remember to keep it to 100 words!

Please follow the posting format in the official [community profile] fiction_drabbles profile, and show us what you can do!


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