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Title: After the end
Challenge/Prompt: #103 Toll
Original Fiction: Shadows in the distance
Characters/Pairings: Caithlynn
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Mine
Summary: The war has taken its toll.
Author's Notes: The war is over and the Wielders have gone home.

She flinches, every time she hears an unexpected noise. They startle her, still. She flinches, every time again…
Sighing she bents forward, pulling a bucket of water out of the well. Using a cloth the clean her old wounds before bandaging them again.
A sudden noise, she flinches, her hand moves to her waist, ready to take her sword. Before she realizes the war is over and there is no more need to fight. Still, she stays alert, she can’t help it. Every noise, every movement, everything… She notices everything, fears everything. The toll of war… She’ll never be free.
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Title: Cash (and Conscience) Upfront
Challenge/Prompt: #103 - toll
Original Fiction
Characters/Pairings: anon male/anon female
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: implied sexual situations
Summary: It's just supply and demand. He's done this enough times to know.

She lays in wait, her skilled fingers dancing dangerously close to her pubis, beckoning him closer. But he's done this enough times, he knows to not mistake her silent invitation for acquiescence. Time is money, and she can't afford to waste time no matter how much money he's already promised. He's done this enough times, he barely notices the tang of sweat and seminal fluids that no amount of disinfectant and fabric softener can mask. Her time, his money. But the largest price is the most redundant.

He slips the band off his finger before sliding it in his pocket.
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This week's prompt is... #103: Toll.

If you're looking for ideas, and you'd like to read over the definition of the word "toll" click here for Merriam-Webster's official write up.

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